Chefs Prep

Meet my newest clients, Chefs Prep, healthy meals by real chefs delivered fresh every Sunday! Wendy & Josh just launched the Monmouth County NJ-based company on the springboard of a handful of early adopters, customers who want access to healthy, whole, prepared meals that offer convenience without sacrificing freshness or flavor. 

As always in designing the brand, logo & website, I researched. There are a LOT of meal delivery services & a LOT of them are in the health & wellness sector. None of them are offering this level of gourmet, at least as I read their menus. And I've found a lot of healthy food is bland; that's not the case here. I sampled a week's worth of meals, and these chefs are not afraid to season!

The latest Chefs Prep menu includes a Loaded Sausage Potato Pancake with Chimmichurri; an omelet of Chicken, Shallot & Green Bean with Edamame Quinoa; and a Root Vegetable Gumbo with Poached Lemon Shrimp & Brown Rice. Color me hungry!

Visit the site, read the FAQs & menus, and sign up! (Or email with questions.) Weekly & monthly plans are available. Try a week & convert to a month at the discounted rate. Tell 'em Jilly sent you!