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Mac Dowell


what i do

everything is negotiable

social media • photography • logos • e-blasts • web design • blogs • branding • promotions • media outreach • business cards • press releases • menus • flyers • album covers • signage • copywriting • editing • marketing • brochures • advertising • yelp management • instagram building • food styling • events


what i’ve done

aka how i got here

I started out as a graphic designer, worked my way into editorial & publishing, sidled into webmastering, and then took a long detour into the restaurant business. As the sole owner of a vegan BYOB diner in meaty, drinkin' Pittsburgh, it was challenging, rewarding work. My background in writing & design was invaluable & integral to the success of both the physical restaurant & the brisk catering business that supported it. I went out on top after 12 years and took a sabbatical. Now, a few years later, I've gone back to my graphic design roots.


why i can help

if you're an entrepreneur, I already understand you

I understand what it takes to build a business from nothing. I know the time it takes to build a social media following or redesign a menu. I know what it costs to hire a designer, a marketing expert, a social media manager. I know the importance of a great logo. I can do all of these things for your business. Or some of them. For a reasonable weekly or monthly fee.






tyler school of art, temple university
BFA Graphic Design


Email: jillym@gmail.com
Phone: 412 335 4577
Address: belmar nj