I'm starting the new year waking up in my own bed after five nights in Guadeloupe. Christmas in the Caribbean is not quite a tradition, but Mom and I are working on it.

So, before I head north for a family holiday & then south for French fun in the sun, I'm launching this, my new & totally current website!

I'm a media professional, living & working but mostly living at the Jersey Shore. Former restaurateur; still love being in the kitchen & photographing my food. Current freelance writer, social media content creator, and graphic & web designer.

Fortified by a small base of longtime & new clients, I'm going to carve a niche in the food & small business community of the Jersey Shore. If you're bold enough to get into business for yourself, you damn well better have a social media plan. And you MUST HAVE a website. Facebook doesn't count. There are a million reasons why and many of them make the entrepreneur's life easier. Here's a good article on small business websites.

I'm here to help you get it together from a branding perspective for a reasonable weekly or monthly fee. We'll meet, I'll learn about your business, I'll ask a lot of questions, and then I'll recommend a course of action. You'll tell me your budget & I'll give you pricing options. The key to this work is consistency, and I can promise the focus, creativity, flexibility & RELIABILITY that brand-building requires. One-offs, short or longterm contracts.

Talk to you soon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!